Monday, 20 April 2015

Second Hand Junkie April 2015

Carried over from March £69.51
April budget £25.00
Spent £6.89
Earnt £30.00
Remaining budget £117.62

Another good month for me!

I spent £1.90 on two skeins of DMC to finish Starry Night and £4.99 on Cross Stitch Crazy for the Satsuma Street designs of London, Paris and New York.

I earnt £30.00 on the following
£2.00 for a New Baby card
£4.00 for Always time for tea
£8.00 for Christmas Penguins
£16.00 for Starry Night

I have now started a Dimensions kit called Parisian Bicycle from my stash. This is to go in my bedroom when I decorate it next year.

Sorry my pictures are all at the end. I haven't really got to grips with blogging!


  1. Oh wow, you have Always time for Tea, a group of us on Deviant Art got together and did them all different colours, IF you are interested let me know and I'll giveyou the link to them. Also I love Starry Night, your work is beautiful.

    1. I would love to see them please. My husband said I would never finish Starry Night which made me more determined! Did do some other bits in between though.

  2. I never realized how big Starry Night is! It's beautiful :D And yes, I second what Nancy says about the link! It's for our Army of Tea Cups

    1. Love the thought of an Army of Tea Cups. Once I have made up the bell pull I am putting it above my desk at work. I drink tea constantly!

  3. Starry night is wonderful. Great job!