Monday, 25 May 2015

Second Hand Junkie May 2015

Carried over from April £117.62
May budget £25.00
Spent £1.99
Earnt £16.00
Remaining budget £156.63

An excellent month for me!

I spent £1.99 on a small organiser box as I knocked my old one off the arm of the sofa and a corner snapped off leaving a really sharp edge. Got the replacement in our local discount store (Tricky Trevs!) I saw them a couple of weeks ago but didn't need one at the time.

I finished the Dimensions kit Parisian Bicycle on Saturday night. I started this on 13th April so really pleased how quickly I finished it. There was a lot of back stitch and a fair few french knots but love how it turned out. This earnt me £16.00

I started the Map of Kent last night. This won't qualify for earnings as I only bought it in March. I can see it stitching up very quickly though.

It's Bank Holiday Monday today and I've just taken hubby to Ebbsfleet as he's off to Brussels on business for a few days. Plenty of stitching time for me!