Sunday, 28 June 2015

Second Hand Junkie June 2015

Carried over from May £156.63
June budget £25.00
Spent £1.00
Remaining budget £180.63

Really pleased with myself for stitching from stash for the last six months. I have this money in a seperate savings account and will leave it there until November when it will be used to pay for a mini-break.

We are driving to York on a Thursday and have booked a b and b for the night for £49. The next day we are going to Harrogate for the knitting and stitching show. Tickets to be bought from this money too. Then on to Newcastle for two nights staying with relatives. A tank of petrol each way will use the rest of this money and spending money at the show will be my stitch from stash money for the next five months and October birthday money!

What did I spend a whole pound on this month? A three month trial subscription to Cross Stitcher magazine.

Didn't earn anything as been mainly knitting due to a baby boom! Oh and the Clangers! I am about half way through my Map of Kent but hoping to finish it in time for my first check in for stitch from stash B in July.