Friday, 20 March 2015

Second Hand Junkie March 2015

Carried over from February £52.50
March budget £25.00
Spent £7.99
Remaining Budget £69.51

I am posting this at the eleventh hour as only arrived hour from Gran Canaria at 11.30 last night!

What I bought this month; a job lot of fabric from ebay for £6.00 and a Map of Kent kit also from ebay for £1.99

I have finished page 3 of 4 of Starry Night and am hoping to complete it in time for Aprils check in. Need to buy two skeins of DMC for that though.

I took a couple of small things on holiday with me for stitching on the plane and in the evenings. Hoping they will be finishes for next month too so I can boost my earnings!

I made up the bell pull and my daughter loved it.

Looking forward to going through my stash soon and choosing my next project.