Saturday, 20 September 2014

The beginning!

I have been reading a few blogs for the last two years but have never been able to follow or comment as I was blogless!

Well the time has come to change that.

I am a self confessed second hand junkie and always try to buy second hand rather than new whenever I can.

I love a charity shop, boot fair and jumble sale when I can find one. I don't buy a lot from eBay but am quite a prolific seller.

I have a few hobbies and like nothing better than spending the day crafting.

I have been knitting for nearly forty years and cross stitching for twenty.

I do have a sewing machine but only use it for curtains, cushions and the odd repair or alteration.

On my blog I want to share my latest second hand finds, my current craft projects and the general ramblings of a busy life.